A Slice Of Heaven!

On the earth for the chunk of urban who longed to drench life in opulent abodes in nature's embrace. Land on this piece of heaven and find yourself in the sanctuary of unique and enriching experiences of many personal touches for a sensually indulgent lifestyle. Life is beyond a shelter and a fancy pool. Explore how!

Tucked Away In Rich Nature

Away from the busy streets, our luxury community plots are a treasury in greenery inspired by Miyawaki Method to embrace native flora, attracting local birds and creating carbon sinks to lower temperature, air and noise pollution. A community of sheer pure nature for a healthy heart!

75 Diverse Yet Diverting Amenities

You may want a room for frequent retreats, create eternal bonds, bathe in nature, pursue the art of choice, indulge in self, go fit, or just relax and de-stress. Indraprastha's exclusive 75 Signature Amenities at the property are designed to give you and your family everything to level up your lifestyles. Every amenity is different yet amusing to the soul!

Power Up Green Lifestyle

In an Eco-conscious world, you will never regret your choice of LTG-Aishwarya Indraprastha, an abode truly embracing green and truly impacting on planet and people. Though beautiful and captivated within its royal and very personal atmosphere, this incredibly sustainable home has opulence functionality and eco-friendliness residing together. A sustainable architecture with supportive systems powered by green power is an assured choice for the conscious chunk of urban dwellers to power up a green lifestyle effortlessly.

Enter The Neighbourhood Of Ease

To travel in the terrific traffic is an everyday adventure for a Bangalorean. So can you imagine life with the vibrant vibes of Namma Bengaluru while you reside in total seclusion? Step into the slice of heaven, enter the neighbourhood of ease and experience a true sense of convenience. Skateboarding to school, walk to work, cycle to grocery, hop to a metro station, or jump to the bus stop. Reputed educational institutions, world-class health care centres, fine dining, entertainment hubs, lung spaces, best shopping streets, and the city's hotspots, all in its vicinity, you are just a few minutes away from the best!